Hi all

I’m Mai from Kuwait you can call me Maiooona .. I’m posting this post to introduce my self to all of you ❤ wish you like me .. and my coming posts as well..

some infos about me; I’m a business student in a private college in Kuwait .. my major is Business management

Í consider my self as a good student if we disclude Maths and numbers units .. I always struggle with numbers even with simplest problems .. “shame!!”

I will post in this blog videos, pictures, articles and everything I like .. yo

I’m a makeup addict, fashionista and I love reading very much ..!

u will notice that I will post with 2 langueges arabic (my first language) and english (my second language) ..

And maybe, just maybe, this blog will be the Home for my future business,, I’m thinking to start a business soon .. you will know when I start it .. lool ;p

So, enjoy my Blog and delight me with your comments & replays .. I love discussions and reactions .. I don’t want to talk to my self here ;( hehehe 




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